Adesina Olufemi O.(P.A. to Oba Balogun E.A.)

Adesina Olufemi O.(P.A. to Oba Balogun E.A.)

Words cannot express the shock I had on hearing the news about your sudden demise.I hardly fought back tears,when I saw and called you,but no response,for the first time since you  took me as a son. It is difficult to believe,that you are deceased.
Indeed, you were a disciple of Christ, a great inspiration, an educationist, an epitome of wisdom,a father of the fatherless, one out of a million,a disciplinarian, a philanthropist and humanitarian plenipotentiary. The vacuum your death has created is too wide,who can fill it ?. However, we take solace in the wisdom and uncommon sense, love, kindness, forthrightness, integrity and forbearance, all of which you bequeathed on us.
Kabiyesi, when I spoke with you last on the fateful day,26th Oct.2016,Sir, you said,”I have completed my assignment,I will give the account of my stewardship on earth to Jesus.” Little did i know that you were telling me goodbye,little did I know that it was the last day I’ll see and hear from you.
Oba E.A.Balogun(JP),The Olu of Ajura,if life is to be a transaction, I will offer to buy and elongate your life once more, but then, death is beyond man. I will really miss you,Great  disciple of Christ !
Adieu Great Daddy!  Adieu My Great Friend!!  Adieu My Great Hope Builder!!!
Go well Great King

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